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The whole line of product of series of stone of sandstone of Dong Peng of buildi
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Recently, the reporter sees in market of a few building materials, the sandstone stone series that Dong Peng rolls out becomes the heat that the market pays close attention to, the situation of scare buying of each district occurrence consumer.

It is reported, face of the polish of lid of sandstone Shi Han that Dong Peng rolls out this, dumb light, glaze, hemp, protruding is sunken wait for a variety of faces to pledge, have exceed strong plasticity and expressional power, pass a design to be able to present different style. It contains 6 old series nearly 20 products, add black, white, grey, yellow, palm, green wait for color change and the choice that wait for a variety of norms to 1200 × 1800mm from 300 × 300mm, for contemporary family the design offerred a variety of possibilities. This product was passed longer research and development and improve, because of its diversiform this colour, all ready breed, won broad stylist and owner reputably.